Its funny how, about ninety percent of my meet-ups with Ben ends up with us visiting Richmond at some point for Pho (Vietnamese beef noodles). This time, we paid Thanh Ha a visit for a change. Ben’s friends from Perth were visiting too so we had a table of eight of us and we shared this huge pancake-like dish with all sorts of stuffing (only things recognizable were prawns and bean sprouts), I also had some delicious “broken rice” dish and coconut juice. The food at Thanh Ha was pretty real, and by that I mean that it’s very similar to what you would find in Vietnam itself.

I think its actually pretty amazing how the Vietnamese here have converted the Victoria Street/Richmond area to something so close to the real deal. Unlike most Chinese or Japanese food joints in Melbourne, where the food does not even taste anything close to what it’s suppose to, the Vietnamese eateries here have preserved that very well. It’s just too bad that every time I walk down Victoria Street I feel like I have to constantly watch my back incase someone tries to jump me. I wish that all these junkies would just drop dead one day.

Talking about Vietnam makes me miss that place a lot. I’m sure that by the time I return to that place again, a lot would have changed.








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