Just spent my entire Friday night working on my business plan assignment due this coming Monday. Way over uni right now but I’m working towards something these holidays. Been lurking on Google Earth for the last two hours on where I’ll be spending this Christmas and New Years. Anyone reading this going to be there too?



4 thoughts on “NO.217

  1. inspiredtomove

    🙂 I was in New York in May and my brother was there last week. (I am in Cape Town, South Africa) now. But check out Cafe Lalo’s while you are there yummiest cocktails and deserts ever! If you plan on traveling come to Vail Colorado, great snowboarding. I’m moving back out there for a season of snow. Enjoy your trip and cool blog 🙂 Later

    1. Marc Post author

      Yo! Thanks for that, I’ll definitely try and check it out when I get there! Snow boarding would be super rad too, its been a while since I’ve been to the snow, but that’ll have to wait for another trip.

      Thanks for reading too, you’ve definitely got an inspiring blog going on. 🙂

      1. inspiredtomove

        Thanks 🙂 blogging is a relatively new hobby busy with uni finals right now, so it’s my favourite form of procrastination 😉 other than surfing maybe.

        Be safe 🙂

  2. Marc Post author

    Haha, yes it can be very distracting at times, but its fun, kind of like running your own website which is cool.


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