Yesterday was a really nice day apart from getting to the Nike shop with LJ at ten to four and realise at that point that they shut at four on the dot. Might have jinxed myself when I wrote that blog post yesterday morning. But thats all good, we’ll just go again tomorrow, and early! Back to yesterday again, this was what I saw when I got to town and walked out Flinders Street Station (photo 01.). The Queen had decided to pay Melbourne a visit and go on a tram ride down St. Kilda Road, and the whole of Melbourne decided to come out and watch. I snapped a few photos and continued to stroll upwards to Melbourne Central where I was meeting Tercia. They have a new Nike store there, looked kind of cool… it was also muck-up day so there were loads of idiotic Year 12 kids running around in costumes causing trouble. We went to some Japanese restaurant on Elizabeth Street and I had Gyu-Tan (Ox Tongue) with rice, it was really good but extremely spicy. I’ll probably go and eat it again. Happy (one day late) Deepavalito all my Indian friends!








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