Its 2:30 in the morning and I’m struggling to put myself to sleep. Been tossing and turning for an hour now and finally decided to wake up and do this. Might have been that coffee I had earlier on to give myself the extra boost to finish off assignments I’ve due next week. On the topic of school, I’ll be finishing up my second year at university next week, which is pretty exciting stuff. I can’t stop thinking about going to Singapore and seeing my friends and family who I’ve not seen for a while now, hang out with my Grandma a little bit then jet off to New York to hang out with my sister and explore the big apple. I’m currently listening to the Fantastic Mr Fox official soundtrack, it seems Wes Anderson has really good taste in music, the Life Aquatic soundtrack is another good one to keep coming back to. I should probably log off and head to bed because I have class in a couple of hours. Check out these canned drinks I got from Daiso Melbourne a few days back, the grape flavoured soda is my favourite.



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