Diners have to be one of my favourites types of places to eat in, whether its a fancy one or just a hole in the wall. We came across The Remedy last week while walking to Clinton Street Bakery. When we found out that Clinton Street was more popular than we thought it was and didn’t want to wait in the queue, I suggested walking backwards to this joint. Classic, and breakfast was amazing! They had this drink called a “Black & White” shake, never heard of it before, but maybe its a pretty common thing here in America, turns out it’s just a mix of vanilla and chocolate shake… tasted just like cookies and cream though. I had an omelette that day and it came with a bunch of options you could pick from to have in your beaten egg, I had spinach, mushrooms and bacon, you probably cannot tell from the photo though. If there’s one thing they do right here in America, it’s good bacon. Nice and crispy, like the ones you get at good hotel buffet breakfasts!






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