Shopping here is great and all, but the service in-store isn’t all that sometimes, especially when you have a million tourist popping in and out, knocking things over and getting in the way, or when the staff are simply too far up their own asses because they work at an increasingly popular skate-shop (Supreme). These are my top three shops I walked into these holidays in New York.

-01. DQM: The shop was pretty cool, the interiors were nicely done up and the overall mood in there was calm enough for you to shop in peace. Lots of leather alternatives to the regular Vans sneaker, well designed leather bags and minimalist t-shirt designs. Staff are friendly too, which is always a plus.



-02. A Bathing Ape: Had to be my favourite and most impressive store I checked out these holidays. Their range of sneakers, endless amount of camo jackets and range of Porter bags can never go wrong. They probably also had the nicest staff of all the shops I’ve visited. I made a new friend there too, check out Frendy Lemorin, he works upstairs with the t-shirts and sneakers.





-03. Carhartt: Lastly, the Carhartt store on Crosby Street. Smaller than their outlet in Melbourne (Central), this Carhartt store has much more character with the wooden floorboards, brick walls, pink neon signage and the fact that its not located in a shopping mall. Staff were pretty friendly and helpful enough, but the highlight as usual is probably their denim range and work shirts.


PhotobucketPhotos of BAPE store & Carhartt store by Catface.


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