Family is important, probably the most important. Something a lot youths don’t treasure these days and take for granted. I don’t get to see my family very much, twice, maybe four times a year in the last close to ten years, apart from the year and a half they spent in Singapore while I was serving my national service. Because of that, it’s become even more obvious how important it is to take some time out for family time every time I’m back visiting Singapore. This same time is equally as important when I’m home and catching up with my best friends who live so close (Adelaide) yet so far (I live in Melbourne).

I find it incredibly frustrating and upsetting when I hear or see kids who complain about how ‘unfair’ their parents have been on them when their siblings get more than they, or when ‘young adults’ complain about how inferior their universities or schools are when they already have the privilege to have been sent overseas for study. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that some people should put their partying or ‘busy’ lifestyles on hold a few times a year and spend some quality time with their families and good friends (and forgot the shitty ones altogether). Times passes by so quickly, it would really suck to only realise the importance of family value when it’s only too late.

-01. Mum.


-02. Dad.


-03. Popo (Grandmother).


-04. Home… and some workers fixing a light bulb in the living room.



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