Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired and lazy (felt like you’ve read this post already?), uninspired to do anything at all. I haven’t written any music in weeks or taken a photo I liked. Coming home everyday to a messy (according to my standards) house puts me in a foal mood (smashed a bowl into the sink / water went everywhere and now I’m missing yet another bowl), forcing me to coop up in my tiny bedroom, and even there I cannot find peace and quiet. The last uni assignment I did felt like the biggest load of crap and the one due this week is a follow up to the same assignment (and its a presentation…). I really wished things didn’t bother me that much, and I hate being a constant grouch, but I just can’t help it. Is anybody constantly happy?

Trying to break routine, I went for a bike ride into the city today for lunch and rearranged the things in my room for the sixth time this year. I should really be thinking of what I should be putting into my presentation right now but I’m too distracted, and instead I’m writing this blog entry. Not to worry though, I always get my work in on time (Mum & Dad).

In other news, my friend Mike has invited Liam and myself to start a new music project. The songs are very different to the music I have previously written, but they sound cool. We haven’t got a band name yet but have planned to record a couple of songs in two weeks time (fingers crossed) with our friend, Malcom (Northeast Party House). It’s great to finally be able to work with other musicians on the same level again and I really hope this project works out.

I’ve been listening to many soundtracks lately (but it’s kind of always been like that…?), namely The Darjeeling Limited OST and A Lot Like Love OST. Also, the Stars – “The Five Ghosts” Side A on vinyl has been on repeat.

Things I’ve learnt this week:

  1. It does not pay to be nice.
  2. Homework sucks.
  3. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. Everyone is different.
  5. Your things consume you. 

-01. Riding down St. Kilda Road.


-02. Lunch at Shuji Sushi, Bourke St.


-03. Little kids crossing on St. Kilda Road.


-04. Socks & thongs.


-05. Rearranged my room.


-06. Talking music with Mike & Liam.



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