I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. I think the tragic primary school grades I got were a good reflection of this. I was also slow with technology when I was younger so I didn’t spend much time slouching over the keyboard playing computer games like many of my other friends. I used to cut out the Batman or Godzilla movie ads and replicate them without tracing. I think I still have a pretty good Batman portrait done in pen somewhere back home from when Batman Forever came out.

My Dad taught me how to draw. My earliest memory of him teaching me how to draw was of a Michael Jackson figure, a young MJ. A simple head, with two dotted eyes, a pair of ears, a round little nose, and the afro. We only drew using a set of expensive drawing pens and markers which he kept in an A4 sized plastic paper holder. They were later handed down to me and drawn with until they all ran dry.

I’m thinking of scanning as many of my drawings, painting, doodles and what not, keeping them here as some form of an archive because I tend to lose them some how.

-01. “Young & Ignorant”.



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