Bitter Sweet:

So I was just sent this photo of a page out of Singapore’s ZIGGY magazine with a photo I took of Wolfram during The Flux Takeout Show in Singapore. No photo credit… I know I did not purposely specify, but I would have thought that placing a photo credit under the photo (or somewhere in the publishing) would be the norm. This isn’t the first time, the last time was a photo in the local Singapore papers, but that was small so I didn’t really care too much, although I wasn’t even informed that it might be used! I don’t want to sound like a picky little shit, but I’d like to be credited for my work, especially if it was something as cool as this (below). Meaning this is my first published photo and I’m a little flattered, but unpleased at the same time because of aforementioned reasons.

Well, cool huh?

-01. ZIGGY magazine.

Photobucketp. Catface.



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