R.E.M. – “Imitation Of Life”

Imitation Of Life is probably my favourite R.E.M. song, but that’s probably not a valid statement because it’s the only R.E.M. song I know that well. It’s one of those songs by a band you really like only because you discovered them at that time of their career. I remember watching this clip over and over again on MTV when I was a kid and thinking, what a strange video this is. I heard it again at a book shop yesterday afternoon and decided to watch the video again when I got home. That’s when I found out in a comment that the whole video is based around a twenty second bit of video footage extended, and the individual scenes in the video are just twenty second segments zoomed in and out of the big picture, showing what all the characters are doing. The actors in the video are also singing different verses of the song during that twenty seconds. I probably didn’t explain that too well so click here.


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