My pal LJ is back from New York and we met up for lunch and a stroll down Chapel Street today. Just like ‘back in the day.’ Attempting to try out different cafes and break routine, we went to Cafe Gaia located on the close-by Avoca Street. Walking past it all the time, I keep reminding myself that I’d like to check the cafe out but constantly giving in to Krakatoa (cafe), just further up on Toorak Road. Not knowing what to expect, I picked out what stood out of the menu, the irresistible sounding toasted pork belly sandwich. Pulled pork, with apple and parsley coleslaw, and beetroot relish in between thick slices of soft buttered bread. I’m not much of a sandwich eater, but I’m just going to say that this was the best sandwich I’ve had yet. Chapel Street on the other hand wasn’t as fun or interesting, they’ve started some tram and road works resulting in many closed shops and cafes. Even the comic shop was shut! Old mates blue AM1’s are fresh.

-01. LJ, bridge crossing.


-02. Air Max 1.


-03. – 04. White Cherry Blossoms.



-05. Pork Belly Sandwich @ Cafe Gaia, served.


-06. Pork Belly Sandwich @ Cafe Gaia, cross section.


-07. Chapel Street, closed.



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