Despite being a small city, some even refer to as a slightly larger country town, Adelaide has its gems. These are some of the things I like about Adelaide, the city I grew up in.

I like that you can see the foot of the hills from the very flat city and that there are look-outs from those hills that overlook the entire city.  Unlike Melbourne where the city is built on hills and there are no natural look-outs. The city also gets very quiet very quickly, which can be frustrating for people who are used to staying out late at night but can be very peaceful other times. The empty, dimly lit streets and alley ways make for cool photos. Lastly, the only two shops I ever check out when I visit, both of which are not like any store in Melbourne, Right Hand Distribution (Japanese denim etc.) and Old Midwest (think a smaller version of Metropolis NYC) an Americana younger sibling of the iconic Midwest Trader.

-01. The Adelaide Hills seen from Rundle Street.


-02. An Indian motorcycle in Old Midwest.


-03. A quiet alley way.



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