Some things never change in the city that is constantly changing.

(Just like how I get angry or upset at least once a day here in Singapore, no doubt about it.)

When I see people like this elderly lady whom I’ve seen over the years on Orchard Road whenever I was in Singapore, I wonder about why is it I feel sorry for them. The obvious being because of what they have to do to make a living, and at that age. Then I think about how they’d ended up like this in the first place, what kind of young men or women were they at my age, did they deserve to end up like this? Then, I (sometimes) think about how much they actually make selling things like packets of tissue paper, cup noodles, bottled water etc. Do you think about such things too?

 photo DSC_1782_zpsb7859f9e.jpg


4 thoughts on “NO.915

  1. benj

    I have similar thoughts when I see them working so hard cleaning tables and collecting cutlery a food courts/hawker centres.

    1. Marc Post author

      Yeah man, I feel bad for them but I can’t help but wonder what these people were like when they were younger. No doubt, there are some who are generally unfortunate. But then there are others who have kind of got themselves into that situation. Guess no one really deserves to grow old like this.

      1. benj

        Just a different country I guess. It’s pretty damn good in Australia. The pension although not heaps, is still enough to keep you off the streets and well fed. I guess it’s not that way in Singapore.


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