Aslam ❤ Inez:

My first project as soon as I got back to Singapore was to photograph my friends Aslam and Inez’s wedding. It was held at Fort Canning Park and was both traditional and non-traditional, which was really cool. This is the first wedding I have really been involved with so it was pretty exciting for me too! I don’t want to fill this post with words so I’ll leave it with select photos from the very beginning of the day, through the wedding ceremony and celebration. Congratulations friend.

 photo DSC_1087_zpsc7bec587.jpg

 photo DSC_1090_zps93a0db6a.jpg

 photo DSC_1110_zps29e33eb4.jpg

 photo DSC_1107_zpscac4d1fb.jpg

 photo _DSC0001-4_zps20e7a4bd.jpg

 photo DSC_1115_zpsa3712df6.jpg

 photo _DSC0003-5_zps011a4485.jpg

 photo DSC_1134_zps74e77f3d.jpg

 photo DSC_1151_zpse8f571dd.jpg

 photo DSC_1154_zpsc12e526c.jpg

 photo _DSC0024-5_zpsdaf23b79.jpg

 photo _DSC0021-3_zps7fdaea96.jpg

 photo _DSC0026-4_zpsb448ca8b.jpg

 photo DSC_1171_zps254e594e.jpg

 photo DSC_1172_zps1122bec9.jpg

 photo DSC_1183_zpsf8697f7d.jpg

 photo DSC_1214_zps81902b25.jpg

 photo DSC_1227_zps1acefeee.jpg

 photo DSC_1230_zpsa1f4643b.jpg

 photo DSC_1232_zpsacd1da1d.jpg

 photo DSC_1325_zps5dd32ef1.jpg

 photo DSC_1362_zps2a08824c.jpg

 photo DSC_1291_zpsdeed69b7.jpg

 photo DSC_1372_zps56a5deef.jpg

 photo DSC_1413_zps7bfd98af.jpg

 photo DSC_1403_zps4dfa6098.jpg

 photo DSC_1384_zpscdea5479.jpg

 photo DSC_1301_zpsb98f07a9.jpg


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