Ruins & Remains – 2nd last show:

It’s been months since going to a show, Basement may have actually been the last gig I went to before this. On Saturday evening, I met with my pals from Ruins who were playing at the Substation for a wedding gig. I haven’t seen many of them in months to a year so it was nice to hang out again. Also, this was their second to last show as Ruins, they’re playing one more next month before calling it a day. Look it up and come watch them if you’re in Singapore.

 photo DSC_2668_zpsd08edee6.jpg

 photo DSC_2673_zps254ee94e.jpg

 photo DSC_2708_zps2e8845d9.jpg

 photo DSC_2714_zpsfb32367d.jpg

 photo DSC_2718_zps3755d5f4.jpg

 photo DSC_2721_zps7f9c0257.jpg

 photo DSC_2744_zps3a67e3b1.jpg

 photo DSC_2742_zps3702bd74.jpg

 photo DSC_2830_zps48bef43e.jpg

 photo DSC_2780_zpse63d3a85.jpg

 photo DSC_2863_zps3545a476.jpg

 photo DSC_2808_zpse53184ed.jpg

 photo DSC_2883_zpsa1da9d61.jpg

 photo DSC_2896_zps44b3dc84.jpg

 photo DSC_2850_zps922f7070.jpg

 photo DSC_2838_zps79544a8b.jpg


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