Two Years On:

Good Morning Kids is now two years strong. Two years strong of mostly work and things I was proud of enough to put out to the public… music, photography, videos et cetera. I know I am far from, and actually never know if I will ever reach creative nirvana, to be one with creative supremacy, but it’s all a learning process. Sometimes I look at past works and can easily learn about where I’ve gone wrong and what I have improved on. Think I could say that when I deleted the old blog and started this one, I subconsciously decided that I was going to take everything I did seriously, more seriously anyway.

So I guess here is to two years of not caring what the proper way is of doing things, to self teaching, to learning through mistakes, to making new friends through work and like-mindedness, to finishing uni because.. , and to never wanting to grow up.

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POST 01.

 photo GMK2YRSsm_zpsf25c8b53.jpg


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