Ruins & Remains – last show:

Ruins & Remains have been in a band for the past five years, I’ve known most of the members for the past three or four. On Saturday they played their last show at the Ceylon Sports Club, Singapore. One of the most energetic sets I’ve seen.

 photo DSC_3923_zps2ac0a525.jpg

 photo DSC_3947_zpsc827b61b.jpg

 photo ruins1_zpsaf57d247.jpg

 photo Axel1_zps4b09425b.jpg

 photo DSC_4222_zpsee14183a.jpg

 photo DSC_3971_zpscaca0f59.jpg

 photo DSC_3949_zpsfe45a7cf.jpg

 photo Mel1_zpsb28625b6.jpg

 photo DSC_3966_zps901eba47.jpg

 photo DSC_4041_zps446288a5.jpg

 photo DSC_4152_zpsb46b4a3c.jpg

 photo Axel4_zps1ed01a85.jpg

 photo jon1_zpsc69314cc.jpg

 photo DSC_4114_zpsea494701.jpg

 photo DSC_4105_zps169da162.jpg

 photo axel2_zpscae98e88.jpg

 photo DSC_4193_zps191bf358.jpg

 photo DSC_4139_zps38672f56.jpg

 photo DSC_4197_zpsd2a750d2.jpg

 photo DSC_3991_zps60ba6adb.jpg

 photo ahmad1_zps8b256175.jpg

 photo DSC_4221_zps8149d3e0.jpg

 photo DSC_4275_zps0be13b1a.jpg

 photo DSC_4249_zps236bc898.jpg

 photo DSC_4271_zpsf48eb125.jpg

 photo DSC_4208_zps436f65a9.jpg

 photo DSC_4196_zpsde45ab0a.jpg


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