Young Mao:

Mao is his name, yes named after the communist revolutionary, Chairman Mao. But trust me it has nothing to do with communism what so ever. I prefer to call him Young Mao as I feel it suits him much better. Young Mao is the guardian of the Fabbri residance and we meet every once in a while when I visit them. Here he is featured with one of my best friends and his owner, Dewi. Young Mao lives the life of luxury, his best friend is a stuffed panda not featured here.

 photo DSC_5830copy_zps8b0bd851.jpg

 photo DSC_5832copy_zps98f21a99.jpg

 photo DSC_5840copy_zps28eca460.jpg

 photo DSC_5825copy_zps8f80c575.jpg


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