KL Retail Tour:

These are just select photos from our retail tour given by the one and only Azuwan while we were hanging out in Kuala Lumpur. Personally, I think the streetwear scene in KL is more vibrant in comparison to Singapore, and retail assistants and owners are a hundred percent more friendly (just being honest). I found that when you visited these stores, there wasn’t that sixth sense feeling of someone judging you as soon as you stepped in either, which I found very pleasant. Another thing I loved about these retail spaces we visited was the effort put into conceptualising the interiors and sometimes even the exteriors of the shops. It simply completes the physical shopping experience and draws the line between shopping online and paying a little more to do it in-store.

I’ve only put up a select bunch of photos here, so check out the full scoop here on Straatosphere, Your Street Space!

-01. Pattern Store.

 photo DSC_4864_zps64f12e30.jpg

-02. Co-founder/Brand Director of Pattern Store, Ahmad Falique.

 photo DSC_4866_zps8c0be885.jpg

-03. Crossover Concept Store. Look at that pair of NB x Beauty & Youth.

 photo DSC_4826_zps291b88a0.jpg

-04. Joe’s (Flizzow) Barber Shop.

 photo DSC_4844_zps4418aa6f.jpg

-05. Crewin’ out! Great shop, great people.

 photo DSC_4855_zps82349c1c.jpg

-06. Juice KL.

 photo DSC_4900_zps90e39cd1.jpg

-07. Bounty Hunter and Neighborhood vinyl toys. (BxH Skull Kun Mickey was tempting…)

 photo DSC_4897_zps63423f9f.jpg

-08. Second floor of Juice KL, beautiful interior.

 photo DSC_4905_zpsdfb8aeef.jpg

-09. I was considering getting my black Companion pillow a buddy.

 photo DSC_4903_zps563acbdf.jpg

-10. Krooks. I was impressed with the polished concrete floor and white walls.

 photo DSC_4921_zps4192aeb9.jpg

-11. Skateboarding minimalism.

 photo DSC_4927_zps46b82eda.jpg

-12. Showroom featuring my new mate, ‘Uncle Sam’.

 photo DSC_4970_zps83707d58.jpg

-13. Showroom makes these sunglasses which are unbreakable. We stomped on them, pulled, stretched… still good.

 photo DSC_4966_zps8ca44b07.jpg

-14. Deciders. I can never get this right, “For the homies, From the homies.” Maybe, but you get the idea. I like it.

 photo DSC_4981_zps083fee4b.jpg

-15. Boundlezz.

 photo DSC_5047_zpsef0b5c80.jpg

-16. Visvim FBT… mm.

 photo DSC_5042_zps45866a23.jpg

-17. Stussy KL featuring a Companion reppin’ his city’s tee.

 photo DSC_4989_zps56af6b6c.jpg

-18. Maneki-neko with Nike SB’s on. Details!

 photo DSC_4988_zps00406ab3.jpg


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