New Balance ML999SO:

In the face slapping reality of finding work, doing work and fitting in everything else, I think I forgot about what this blog was partially made for. Myself. Not to say that everything recent isn’t for myself, but I feel like I’ve forgotten about the days where I’d photo blog about things that simply interested me. The details that nobody else cares about.

So here we go.

Some one week ago, I bought myself a pair of New Balance’s. New Balance ML999SO’s to be specific, in a creamy smooth grey on grey colourway. Every time I pair them with a light pair of jeans, I felt that Steve Jobs vibe but I think he wore the 991 models (just checked, he did). Thing here is, I’ve owned many a pair (of sneakers) in my lifetime, but these were my very first pairs of New Balance’s. I simply refused to confirm when every cool kid in Melbourne started wearing them and I didn’t know why, I just didn’t like what I saw. Well, now I do because (don’t hate) they’re 574’s and I still think they look whack, well some people work them well, most of the others just don’t. Just being honest.

I found out about the 999’s quite a few months back and they stood out immediately. I think it’s that back bit of the sole that is real chunky and reminds me of robots and that the 999’s look more streamlined. I also have to admit that New Balance does a very good grey on grey tone which is hard to come by with Nike’s. While we’re here, I might as well admit that I do appreciate the 998’s and 1500’s too, nice shape.

Anyway enough of this, here are some photos I took of my first pair of New Balance’s ever with my Fuji X10. I think I made a very good decision starting with these, what do you think? By the way I took these after wearing them about for two weeks.

-01. The full package.

 photo DSCF2081_zpsf6f44e38.jpg

-02. ABZORB!

 photo DSCF2087_zps19678a85.jpg

-03. Always loved the outer sides of shoes.

 photo DSCF2085_zps481e089c.jpg

-04. 999.

 photo DSCF2092_zpsb1781520.jpg


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