Happy Socks:

You know how you hear about kids getting socks for Christmas and hating life? Or was that only in the 90’s and before?  Well I wasn’t one of those kids, if not for the fact that my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas or a whole bunch of stuff for that matter (which I’m not complaining about…), I wouldn’t mind getting socks for Christmas, or my birthday, or for…whatever else. This year I got some socks for my birthday, and not just any old sock, it’s this red, white and blue pair of Happy Socks Shovis (who I work with occasionally but doesn’t want to appear in photos) gave me only a few days back. She said it was no big deal, but I thought receiving socks was cool, and I never thought I’d own Happy Socks… simply because I don’t want to pay that price for something that sits between my feet and my shoe/sneaker. But look at me now, I’m a happy camper with socks that apparently feel the same way too!

 photo DSC_6456_zps582b16cf.jpg


3 thoughts on “NO.995

  1. Ophelia's Dreaming

    Cute socks. I don’t like the wearing of socks ~ I’m a barefoot girl ~ but I like socks. Strange, I know. I have a collection of fuzzy socks, the ones that have hairs which look like a sort of fur.

    1. Marc Post author

      That’s an interesting quirk you got there. Maybe you can start collecting socks, at least they’re never get ruined.

      I’m quite the opposite, always need a pair on. 🙂


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