BAPE x UNDFTD x Adidas Campus 80’s:

So here’s the story behind this pair. About a week ago, I made myself a promise that I would only purchase a sneaker if it came in either a black, white, or grey. This is to curb the ever rising pile of shoe boxes on the corner of my room. I’m trying to live simpler, believe it or not.

Anyway, you know how I take photos for that street space you’ve come to love – Straatosphere? And with that job we cover collectors, artists and occasionally sneaker drops. That is where my downfall lies. Sometime last week, we were at the usual Limited Edition store at Orchard 313 for the worldwide release (correct me if I’m wrong) of the Bape x Undefeated x Adidas Consortium collaboration release and as usual I was there taking photos at the event. Typically, with any drop of a more sort-after sneaker, releases are reserved for L.E. VIP members (meaning no queueing involved/meaning good for VIP’s/bad for any other local collector of a certain release etc… you get the idea). This shoe along with it’s ZX5000 counter part were released in that manner, but because of the extremely limited numbers, even the VIP members had to ballot for the shoe. INTENSE!

Fortunately, one of our Straatosphere members, Rashid is a mad collector and VIP at L.E. and happened to place a ballot on both releasing pairs. So after what seemed like ten minutes of picking and calling out ballot numbers with no recipients, Rashid’s number gets called out. Unexpected! What was more unexpected was when he turned around to tell me that he balloted for them in my size!!!

Long story short. They were essentially black trainers (tick) had camo on them (tick) were in my size (tick) and best of all, were a Bape x Undefeated collab (tick, tick, tick).

Looks like the three stripes are making a come back on my feet. Thanks to my homie, Rashid, better known on forums and the general web as ‘nexustree’.

 photo DSC_6464_zpse27b13db.jpg

 photo DSC_6482_zpsfb26964a.jpg

 photo DSC_6478_zpsb0538df5.jpg

 photo DSC_6479_zps19d191e6.jpg

 photo DSC_6481_zpsc813b6fa.jpg

 photo DSC_6475_zps55b788cc.jpg

 photo DSC_6466_zps310fd804.jpg


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