Bunga Blossoming:

Now that I’ve surpassed post 1000, I think an effort should be made to revive this blog to be more blog-like again. Less serious, good content, good photos, but not too polished if you know what I mean. More snapshots and stuff outside of shoots I do for work kind of stuff.

Anyway, featured below is a man from KL known to most Zouk KL frequenters as Bunga, Bunga of Twilight Actiongirl. We (Straatosphere) met Bunga through another friend during our last trip to KL at the KL Kix sneaker swap event. The Twilight Actiongirl group were there to provide jams as sneaker-heads and hypebeasts alike emptied their wallets in exchange for rare trainers, box logo camp caps and other popular trendy streetwear items. But that’s a whole other story.

Last weekend, old mate Bunga/Nigo (Bape)  look-alike paid the tiny island of Singapore a short visit and we took him out for an afternoon of coffees, food, and store visits. I only snapped a couple of photos at one or two cafes but that’s good enough I guess.

-01. Sussing out the menu at Flock Cafe.

 photo DSCF0031_zps795f3da8.jpg

-02. Leaving Strangers Reunion after a satisfying brunch appointment.

 photo DSCF0016_zps42ce6d1f.jpg

-03. We have similar taste in watches and nato strap combinations. (Really kind of looks like Nigo here. Scary.)

 photo DSCF0029_zps57cd013d.jpg

-04. The table beside ours at Flock. Nice natural light.

 photo DSCF0019_zps627d15bb.jpg

-05. Myself, caught off guard, obviously I don’t ever smile. That’s Chenny on the right, we were introduced not very long before this photo was taken. It seems Instagram was more interesting at that time. 

 photo DSCF0025_zpsc7caa859.jpg

-06. Bunga and his Canon G10. Hana is also more interested in what’s going on on Instagram.

 photo DSCF0028_zps87a8a47e.jpg

-07. Did you know I hate it when I get a flat white in a glass? Also this cuppa was most unimpressive…

 photo DSCF0030_zps303016cd.jpg


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