Staying True:

I remember very clearly, a post I wrote on my previous blog (now non-existent, don’t bother looking) titled “This is my blog, I can do whatever I want”.

I wrote that  entry based on some sort of a breakdown I had in my head about how I simply like to do some things my way. Some things, for instance, photography in my opinion needs no rules. Like most, if not all art, the appreciation is subjective and that is why we like certain things that others don’t.

I would just like to make it very clear that if I were to style, direct or simply put, work on something on my own, the outcome of that particular piece or project is going to be done 100% my way. Unless otherwise stated or planned before hand that somebody else is directing or editing my work which would then result in some form of a collaboration, I don’t think I need anyone ‘defacing’ my work just because it better suits your personal taste.

In other words, if it hasn’t already been made clear enough. If you’re approaching me for my creative outlook on things, there is probably a reason why you approached someone like me in the first place.  If standard, mainstream, sub-par, boring work is what you’re looking for, then I’m afraid you’ve looked up the wrong person… that person probably owns a cheesy wedding photography business with a tasteless website.

I know this is all sounding pretty stand off-ish and arrogant but I cannot find another way to put something like this gently.

I’m sure I’m not the first to have encountered issues such as the absence of crediting of work or someone using an image for promotional purposes without consent (I’m looking at you Singapore Straits Times). I’ve even had a butt hole who simply took a photo I freshly worked on and saved it onto his iPhone to make an edit using his mobile. I can’t even begin to understand people who do such things.

In all this anger, my thoughts are being blurred into a string of fiery rage.


Put in point form as I more often prefer:

respect the artist

recognise the real creatives if originality is what you’re after

discuss not instruct


stay true


*deep breathe* … and back to the photos.


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