Casa Fabbri:

My first official step into interior photography. The modern living space featured below is Casa Fabbri, home to my favourite half Italian family here in Singapore. If you look carefully, you may find a photo of a much younger me.

 photo DSC_5585_zpsd67e3679.jpg

 photo DSC_5842_zps4efdf458.jpg

 photo DSC_5702_zps152bdbaa.jpg

 photo DSC_5844_zps74f1d18d.jpg

 photo DSC_5805_zpsa383809e.jpg

 photo DSC_5590_zpsb1550000.jpg

 photo DSC_5627_zpsdb474e7f.jpg

 photo DSC_5785_zps4d376b12.jpg

 photo DSC_5602_zpsa766b9b0.jpg

 photo DSC_5774_zpse29ea6bb.jpg

 photo DSC_5811_zps792aae15.jpg

 photo DSC_5622_zps76e52f7e.jpg

 photo DSC_5776_zpsdcc12de0.jpg

 photo DSC_5810_zps1a74eb0e.jpg

 photo DSC_5724_zps4dcd7be2.jpg

 photo DSC_5695_zpsa9882c71.jpg

 photo DSC_5767_zpscc4e50d3.jpg

 photo DSC_5697_zps05bdd249.jpg

 photo DSC_5672_zpsc8a06abb.jpg

 photo DSC_5750_zpsbd615b3f.jpg

 photo DSC_5654_zpsa6cf3c90.jpg

 photo DSC_5786_zpsb68af73a.jpg

 photo DSC_5800_zpsf333efef.jpg

 photo DSC_5632_zps3ec6c3b2.jpg

 photo DSC_5643_zps3398f3bc.jpg

 photo DSC_5746_zpsc9572dcb.jpg

 photo DSC_5729_zpsc596841b.jpg

 photo DSC_5667_zpsb0e77f2f.jpg

 photo DSC_5820_zps80bc0624.jpg


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