Air Force 1 “Blazer”:

So I decided to get back into the Air Force 1 game after years of wearing every other shoe but the Air Force 1. What better model to kick start this journey than these recently released AF1 Low Blazer’s in that creamy grey colour I’ve always like my shoes in.

Constructed with a mostly soft suede upper, quality soft leather swoosh in white, mid and outsole also in white. The inner lining of the shoe is made of some magically smooth material too, it’s hard to explain unless you physically touch it.

Also, I like photographing sneakers (footwear in general) for the following reasons: I can place them where ever I want, position them to satisfaction, majority of them are pleasing to the eyes, they don’t talk, and afterwards they serve a purpose.

I’m kidding, I’m not that much of a butt hole but I do love a good pair of trainers.

Because these shoes are so great, I decided that one photo wasn’t enough, it never is. So here are eight plus two extra frames showing the sneaker from front to back, including the pack of spare white fat laces and the Authenticity Certificate. Good one team Nike!

 photo DSC_6640_zpse1856872.jpg

 photo DSC_6648_zps340c9557.jpg

 photo DSC_6636_zpse9a10e11.jpg

 photo DSC_6637_zpse616a17a.jpg

 photo DSC_6663_zpsa7a84969.jpg

 photo DSC_6659_zpsc1d0fbf8.jpg

 photo DSC_6654_zps932d441a.jpg

 photo DSC_6656_zps67f23fa6.jpg

 photo DSC_6664_zps361aa8ec.jpg

 photo DSC_6665_zpsc976b4a0.jpg


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