Fear of wolves:

You know that scene in Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, towards the end, when Mr. Fox, Ash, Kristofferson and Kylie are on the motorbike and they meet that wolf in the distance, on the top of the top? Yeah. This was like that scene except it was less cinematic and had no real story line.

I met with this stray dog after work yesterday while I was on my way to meet some friends. It’s pretty rare to see stray dogs in Singapore these days, I remember seeing families of them walking about, even in my neighbourhood as a kid. Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve seen one that when this one turned around to look at me from the distance, it actually inflicted some kind of fear in me. This was also right by a cemetery by the way. Thoughts rushed through my brain… “what if it comes after me?… What if it bites me… Will I contract a disease?”

Nothing happened in the end. I left it alone, it left me alone, and two minutes later I watched a motorcycle ride straight into the back of a truck…

 photo DSCF0034_zpsb7a1c549.jpg


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