Here are a couple of related but unrelated snapshots I took last Saturday. Leonard and I met up to get his bass properly set up and re-strung, while waiting we looked into a couple of shops in the Peninsula region of town. Afterwards, we journeyed to the peaceful neighbourhood of Tanjong Pagar where we met up with my new pal, Chenny for coffees and chills. That’s it I guess, pretty pointless but I thought I’d share. Ukeleles are a stupid trend by the way.

-01. Chenny & Leonard at 40 Hands.

 photo DSCF0070_zpsa79f0a7e.jpg

-02. Ukelele after ukelele.

 photo DSCF0055_zps84d909b3.jpg

-03. Underpass.

 photo DSCF0053_zps93d70280.jpg

-04 Shoes.

 photo DSCF0049_zpsa1ea6ccb.jpg

-05. FC Five box logo.

 photo DSCF0048_zps6a097e02.jpg


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