representing n7:

an envelope turns up at my house on thursday evening from whitfield towers! a little goodie bag full of stickers and cards of different sizes. a big word up and thank you to mark whitfield for sending these over from london and so quickly!

please go and read his blog if you’re into photography, the colour orange, sneakers (af1), camo, bape, toys, art, interiors, furniture, flat whites, shopping, travel and buying prescription frames years before even needing them. for me, that about ticks every single box.

lastly, have you noticed this entire post consists of no capitol letters? go figure, go read!

thanks again for the stickers and cards mark whitfield!

-01. the lot.

 photo DSC_6948_zps748365ba.jpg

-02. one of my favourite photos.

 photo DSC_6951_zps5574250f.jpg

-03. the man himself.

 photo DSC_6950_zps935d7934.jpg

-04. perfect.

 photo DSC_6953_zpsd5cf09b7.jpg

-05. representing n7!

 photo DSC_6954_zpsa8a15748.jpg


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