If you know me, you’d know that I don’t party. Not in a club anyway. I don’t like people nor crowds. I haven’t stepped into one by choice in many years. On Saturday though my friend Lindy had some invites to the Audi Fashion Week Party and wanted someone to go with, so I went. They didn’t serve beer so I ended up with this concoction. Not long after this first beverage, I realised buying a tall can of beer from a nearby 7-11 was half the price of this stupid drink, so we went. Lindy wanted a photo of us. It looked as though our hair has merged.

-01. Vodka Lemonade.

 photo DSCF0152_zps89c51eff.jpg

-02. Lindy and myself.

 photo DSCF0148950_zpsc269c993.jpg


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