Töten – Sound Of Feeling III:

It’s kind of nice being on the other side of the lens sometimes. This is us playing our debuting some tunes at the Sound Of Feeling III show at Lithe Paralogue studio. Thanks to everyone who came down and the other bands we played with. Also a special thank you to Eugene for taking these fantastic photos!

 photo 382581_10151468303043977_535389840_n_zps099618b9.jpg

 photo 481637_10151468303778977_911835781_n_zpse6ad37d4.jpg

 photo 485480_10151468303703977_1807493928_n_zpsef701ade.jpg

 photo 968948_10151468303178977_861009862_n_zps96490c8a.jpg

 photo 970471_10151468303303977_2049272462_n_zps15f46623.jpg

 photo 968999_10151468303123977_1249958482_n_zpsed37253f.jpg

 photo 984122_10151468303898977_464862452_n_zpse5af87cb.jpg

 photo 988325_10151468303358977_414619912_n_zps740e6c57.jpg


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