Mr Daniel Tan’s sneaker kingdom:

For this months “Straat Your Stuff” column on Straatosphere, we visited Daniel Tan’s shoe haven. He’s probably Singapore’s biggest sneaker collector, I’d not seen that many sneakers I wanted as a kid right in front of me as that day we went to check out the collection. Anyway, I’ll let the writers do the writing and I’ll do what I do… photos. Click HERE to read our article and interview with Daniel.

 photo DSC_5936_zpsff2b0768.jpg

 photo DSC_5923_zps84a5e315.jpg

 photo DSC_5918_zps603d6cbd.jpg

 photo DSC_5892_zps2b7f7114.jpg

 photo DSC_5901_zpsf274300c.jpg

 photo DSC_5878_zps0e92b934.jpg

 photo DSC_5872_zpsf8a5e98d.jpg

 photo DSC_5868_zpsd2090a5f.jpg

 photo DSC_5860_zpsfe72324a.jpg

 photo DSC_5858_zps13f3dce6.jpg


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