Documenting with the Fuji X10:

I’ve been trying to push my Fuji X10. Taking it with me everywhere I go and snapping what I find interesting, day or night. I’ve also recently enjoyed taking lifts to the top floor of random HDB flats and checking out the views. I’ve been working from home a lot recently, so during lunch breaks, I’ll pop over the road to grab a bite and photograph things along the way. It’s kind of like documenting suburban Singapore in the 2010’s era. Maybe in many years, once I’ve long passed on, some kid would dig these photos up and be like… oh!

-01. At one of the many shops selling birds, these guys were getting some sunlight, maybe a bit much.

 photo DSCF0352copy_zps29e9c30d.jpg

-02. I found this pineapple growing amongst other plants, fascinating.

 photo DSCF0353_zpseba1f373.jpg

-03. One of the blocks I usually travel up to take photos.

 photo DSCF0335_zpsbfa8b79a.jpg

-04. I live somewhere towards the extreme left of this photo.

 photo DSCF0334_zps8ec0f893.jpg

-05. Private gym.

 photo DSCF0338_zps97197dc3.jpg

-06. The newly added and completed lifts for the old HDB flats. Good for the seniors.

 photo DSCF0344_zpsa4fbb5b6.jpg

-07. Insomnia.

 photo DSCF0321_zps556d7aa6.jpg


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