I attended an event tonight/last night at the Singapore Night Safari. It involved a bunch of artists and some endangered animals, and I had was there to provide photo coverage. I’ll talk about that more in another post. Part of the night involved the good old Night Safari Tour and animal show. The last time I did this tour was more than five years ago, and all the animals were hiding that night. Tonight though, they seemed to be out and about! I snapped a couple of photos with my 85mm 1.8 in ridiculous darkness and managed to capture a few animals.

-01. Look at how well they’ve trained this wolf! HOWL! This was part of the show by the way. Majestic!

 photo DSC_7675copy_zpsef4c41a3.jpg

-02. This lion was having a bit of a yawn. Lions seem cool. They spend 90% of the day napping.

 photo DSC_7669copy_zps0f5102cf.jpg

-03. Some female and baby lion cubs napping. Fact.

 photo DSC_7668copy_zps912512ed.jpg


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