Seen & Herd:

So last night we (Straatosphere) were at the Night Safari “media-ing” the Seen and Herd event. Check out what the event was about and the rest of the photos, including the works by the artists on Straatosphere.

-01. The medium.

 photo DSC_7636_zpsd2761f37.jpg

-02. Clogtwo, The Killer Gerbil and fellow guests.

 photo DSC_7608_zpsfb76c5d7.jpg

-03. Organizer lady giving it a shot.

 photo DSC_7612_zpsfff7a917.jpg

-04. The Killer Gerbil’s elephant effort. Stay within the lines.

 photo DSC_7618_zps4338fb06.jpg

-05. The gentlemanly and enthusiastic Mindflyer putting his touch on the animal wall.

 photo DSC_7620_zps6765ff17.jpg

-06. SKL0 not sticking stickers. I really liked her contribution by the way.

 photo DSC_7623_zps9ddcfdcc.jpg

-07. Then some invited bloggers and such joined in. Is that a yellow panda?

 photo DSC_7634_zpsda677634.jpg

-08. After posing for a couple of selfies with the artists, more bloggers joined in. Hmm.

 photo DSC_7627_zpsbed1d734.jpg

-09. Sky blue // Thanks Night Safari.

 photo DSC_7629_zps76b68c6b.jpg


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