On our Friday morning walk last week, Mel and I encountered a couple of friendly young chaps hanging out on the trees by the reservoir. There was however an older monkey around, I think he was keeping a close eye on the young ones. He looked real wise as he walked around slowly, warming himself up in the rays of the rising sun. Well, we thought he looked wise until he wee’d off a handrail, climbed down and placed his paw in it, then licked it. That marked the end of our morning adventure, and we (well, I did) proceeded to have a shitty coffee made by a miserable lady and a machine at the reservoir cafe.

 photo DSC_7746_zpsd39e21d8.jpg

 photo DSC_7743_zpsae0fb2c1.jpg

 photo DSC_7748_zps5508b189.jpg

 photo DSC_7735copy_zpsdfe63269.jpg

 photo DSC_7739_zps8da32cf9.jpg

 photo DSC_7732_zpsc5d90f01.jpg

 photo DSC_7725_zps7989c778.jpg

 photo DSC_7722_zps4ebbc11e.jpg


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