Monkey Friends:

Last week, SJ and I paid Mac Ritchie Reservoir a visit despite the haze and the mighty hot sun. One of her main, if not the main agenda here in Singapore was to pay some of our distant relatives (I know, I know, apes not monkeys…) a visit. Sure enough, when we got to ‘the spot’ a family of monkeys, young and old pounced out of the bushes. At first they came right at us, then realised we had no snacks so they just laid around, relaxed and picked on each others coats.

-01. Relaxing like a boss while his pal cleans out his coat.

 photo DSCF0305_zpsa5187191.jpg

-02. Oh hello!

 photo DSCF0304_zps88459608.jpg

-03. “Oooh, why is it so hot” said this one.

 photo DSCF0303_zpsfc4ce24d.jpg

-04. “Oh.”

 photo DSCF0302_zps092219b0.jpg

-05. I like how relaxed his hands and legs seem as he gets his cooties out.

 photo DSCF0300_zpsffa2a230.jpg

-06. Showing me teeth.

 photo DSCF0297_zpscb28addd.jpg

-07. Receiving a satisfying back scratch.

 photo DSCF0290_zps70282938.jpg


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