Melbourne Day 01:

Good morning! I’m just smashing out this blog post real quick because I intend to blog about my adventures on a daily basis while I’m back in Melbourne for two weeks. Since I spent the day on a plane getting here yesterday, I’m just going to count this as day one and the rest of today as day two. So here we go!

-01. I get up and it’s cold. Chuck on that Bape fleece jacket and brew up some coffee.

 photo DSCF0648_zpsdce02f38.jpg

-02. To the left is my old record player, I hit ‘play’ and Side B of Basement’s “Colour Me in Kindness” spins. Perfect!

 photo DSCF0650_zps35e436f6.jpg

-03. This is a little higher and more to the left view of the first photo. SJ has two clocks, Melbourne time, Singapore time.

 photo DSCF0651_zpsc9dfaf0a.jpg


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