Melbourne Day 02:

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but the idea for these 14 days I’m spending in Melbourne is to do a  day by day blog entry (like a journal) fitting in everything I’m doing in photo/caption style. There’re going to be a lot of snapshots, but this might just spark a different outlook into street photography. Did I also mention that I’m shooting this entire trip on my Fuji XE-1 coupled with a XF18-55mm zoom. Yesterday was my first full day this trip, I’ll run through it in a ‘proper blog post’ style.

-01. I’m going to start each day’s blog post with a photo of myself. Moscot shades, Bape tee and snowboard jacket, Uniqlo chinos and socks, and New Balance 999’s.

 photo DSCF0700_zps1d0b96f1.jpg

-02. Woke up to some nice light.

 photo DSCF0652_zps019adc2c.jpg

-03. Resulting in nice shadows.

 photo DSCF0653_zps81f04c38.jpg

-04. Shadows in the bathroom.

 photo DSCF0655_zps1daaf99a.jpg

-05. My favourite hand wash.

 photo DSCF0657_zpsdcc544e8.jpg

-06. After making two coffees at home, I went for a walk to Dukes Coffee Roasters and got a proper flat white.

 photo DSCF0659_zps766593f7.jpg

-07. I left my toothbrush at home in Singapore, so I bought a new one.

 photo DSCF0665_zpscf5e349e.jpg

-08. I journeyed into town and met up with my pal and fellow photographer, Ben Clement.

 photo DSCF0675_zps18604fcb.jpg

-09. Drank some long blacks on the house at the new Bowery to Williamsburg, a New York Subway themed cafe.

 photo DSCF0673_zpsf1a1d8ee.jpg

-10. Then lunch arrived. I had a smoked salmon sandwich with mac and cheese and pretzels on the side. I had a craving for pickles the night before, so that big half pickle did just the job.

 photo DSCF0677_zps8735a2f0.jpg

-11. Another view of the scene at our table.

 photo DSCF0678_zps6fa41df6.jpg

-12. As we tucked into lunch, our french press arrived. More coffee!

 photo DSCF0679_zpsee1c94ee.jpg

-13. The time. I wanted to take a photo of what the place looked like but there were too many people. Another time perhaps.

 photo DSCF0681_zps3490938f.jpg

-14. Collins and Swanston round lunch time.

 photo DSCF0683_zps124b9fc5.jpg

-15. Ben Clement is always on the phone. Business.

 photo DSCF0684_zpse0bdfcdc.jpg

-16. We went to pay my pal Taka a visit at Kanga Kanga, he had my copy of Popeye Magazine for me. Like the old days. This was taken in the lift on the way down.

 photo DSCF0686_zps572e15de.jpg

-17. After Ben and I split, I went for a walk back up towards St. Kilda Road.

 photo DSCF0688_zps74173513.jpg

-18. Then I took a tram back towards Windsor. On the way home, I saw some dead bears. 

 photo DSCF0690_zpsb215c2b6.jpg

-19. I met a cat having an afternoon nap.

 photo DSCF0691_zps79545c0d.jpg

-20. NB 999 beaters.

 photo DSCF0692_zps6e59d042.jpg

-21. Nice light. The first time I stepped into this building to view the apartment, the light was nice too and I remember taking a photo on my Ricoh 500GX.

 photo DSCF0694_zps7bd54bbd.jpg

-22. Another view of the light and the stair well.

 photo DSCF0695_zps31c4417c.jpg

-23. My homie, LJ AKA. Shank showed up in his new ride and camo pants.

 photo DSCF0702-2_zps9b9895b3.jpg

-24. We went to our usual spot for a coffee and chatted about sneakers and travel for a good amount of time.

 photo DSCF0704_zpsb85ccc80.jpg

-25. Another flat white. This might have been my sixth coffee…

 photo DSCF0706_zpsad572df1.jpg

-26. Then we discovered a new shop, Elwood. Which might or might not have anything to do with skater brand Elwood but this place was well curated. Had heaps of Japanese magazines and nice accessories.

 photo DSCF0707_zps022aa2b0.jpg

-27. Looking towards the main entrance from inside the shop.

 photo DSCF0708_zpsce70b01f.jpg

-28. Then we had some beers with Cupie.

 photo DSCF0710_zpse8ea2512.jpg

-29. At this point we were getting tired, so we left for dinner and went home to crash.

 photo DSCF0711_zpsfea42802.jpg


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