Melbourne Day 03:

Day two was an eventful one. Same deal, I’m going to run through these in snap shot/caption form.

-01. Warby Parker glasses, Supreme hoody, Sugarcane jeans, Nike Lunar Force 1.

 photo DSCF0714_zps9093f759.jpg

-02. Took a tram up to the new mansion. Very modern this time.

 photo DSCF0748_zps8d1e78f6.jpg

-03. Atticus greeted me like the good pug he’s always been.

 photo DSCF0725_zpsd8c7b1d1.jpg

-04. Liam’s new workspace.

 photo DSCF0722_zps118affaf.jpg

-05. Mal was there doing some mixing at the Mansion so we all went for lunch at this place called Pour Kids.

 photo DSCF0733_zps552a9fed.jpg

-06. I had a flat white of course.

 photo DSCF0732_zps92c3f29a.jpg

-07. I was craving good eggs and hash browns so I got what they call “The Lego”, where you get to build your meal. This was my creation. Spot on!

 photo DSCF0734_zps77af2b0e.jpg

-08. Went back to the mansion again, I noticed Liam has framed the Free Run 2 poster I gave him when I left. Neat.

 photo DSCF0738_zps8a4979ab.jpg

-09. He makes me a Nespresso coffee.

 photo DSCF0739_zps9f32dd10.jpg

-10. The weather was nice so we sat outside with our Fuji’s and… what are you photographing?

 photo DSCF0747_zps6a8705d4.jpg

-11. Of course! We both wore AF1’s!

 photo DSCF0745_zps228aea48.jpg

-12. Looking good.

 photo DSCF0743_zps96a34e58.jpg

-13. We decided to bail into South Melbourne after our coffees.

 photo DSCF0740_zps91825b23.jpg

-14. Went to a nearby pub where we waited for…

 photo DSCF0760_zps72d01ac2.jpg

-15. Brook Miller, a photographer I’ve been in touch with since moving away. He’s fairly new to Melbourne.

 photo DSCF0765_zpsd63fa138.jpg

-16. Someone took a photo of me.

 photo DSCF0762_zpscdc6a43b.jpg

-17. I got a text from my homie, Prash so we headed to Section 8 where a whole bunch of homies were hangin’.

 photo DSCF0782_zps9094865e.jpg

-18. Nic AKA Friendships has gotten pretty famous. Still same old good guy/first friend at uni.

 photo DSCF0780_zps9dd3c3c2.jpg

-19. After dinner at Rose Garden we split. Headed to GPO to wait for SJ.

 photo DSCF0791_zpsa2474685.jpg

-20. At GPO, this guy was doing some kind of sketch or painting.

 photo DSCF0792_zps76064e3f.jpg


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