Melbourne Day 04:

-01. WTAPS tee, Levis 501, Aape socks, New Balance 999’s.

 photo DSCF0794_zps41f42a80.jpg

-02. Liam and Grace came to pick me up and we went for breakfast at this cafe Nick works at called My Sister Says.

 photo DSCF0807_zps4e1032b6.jpg

-03. A flat white for me, thanks.

 photo DSCF0797_zps758d1d37.jpg

-04. I ordered up some Dukkah poached eggs and spinach for breakfast. It hit the spot, no doubt.  photo DSCF0801_zps4d769ac8.jpg

-05. I’m still getting used to Nick in a cafe environment.

 photo DSCF0804_zpsdecf69cb.jpg

-06. I liked that they had those pencils in a glass beaker.

 photo DSCF0806_zps08b53c77.jpg

-07. I also liked the table lamp type light installations on the wall.

 photo DSCF0808_zps623c6d10.jpg

-08. Coffee Supreme.

 photo DSCF0809_zpsae258f43.jpg

-09. After breakfast we headed to CAL eyewear. Liam and Grace needed to get some new reading glasses.

 photo DSCF0813_zpsbad9c3af.jpg

-10. I saw this guy out of the back seat window.

 photo DSCF0823_zps3d0c52e0.jpg

-11. Liam was having a hard time deciding which frames to get. I would’ve picked these ones.

 photo DSCF0811_zpsafe3190a.jpg

-12. Hmm.

 photo DSCF0814_zps393258fd.jpg

-13. Hmmmmmm.

 photo DSCF0815_zps052e4c85.jpg

-14. While waiting for the glasses to have their prescription lenses fitted (only takes 30 mins!) we went to the comic shop. The guy who owns it is also a POTA fan. I might have blogged about that a year ago.

 photo DSCF0829_zps2448df4e.jpg

-15. Another flat white from this diner near home.

 photo DSCF0830_zps58719dcc.jpg

-16. My friends are cool.

 photo DSCF0832_zps05b81b19.jpg

-17. Listening attentively, participating in conversation.

 photo DSCF0836_zpsc03372e3.jpg

-18. I used to live on this street. This place is a Japanese motel.

 photo DSCF0839_zps53d25174.jpg

-19. These were the frames they decided on in the end. I think Liam is using his to play computer games.

 photo DSCF0841_zpse57ad4da.jpg

-20. I jumped on a tram and bounced into town to meet Ben Clement for a coffee. My Aape camo socks made their debut today.

 photo DSCF0843_zps42b2c7e8.jpg

-21. I’ve always liked Flinders Lane.

 photo DSCF0847_zpsb356c867.jpg

-22. Tried to rent an apartment here once, but didn’t get it. It was cool!

 photo DSCF0848_zpsc0c3ccad.jpg

-23. Shadow.

 photo DSCF0849_zps2257960d.jpg

-24. Man with red shoes.

 photo DSCF0850_zps406b856c.jpg

-25. Dukes Coffee Roasters on Flinders Lane. The new joint is fresh, makes you feel like you’re in a different city altogether.

 photo DSCF0851_zpsfd05a1cb.jpg

-26. Nice!

 photo DSCF0852_zps589e4a4d.jpg

-27. Another flat white. This cup was extremely light too.

 photo DSCF0855_zpsfe33affb.jpg

-28. A couple of very nice coffee gadgets.

 photo DSCF0858_zps9e8e5ebd.jpg

-29. Ben Clement’s signature jacket.

 photo DSCF0863_zpsc402df3c.jpg

-30. Missing Link Records.

 photo DSCF0867_zpsa00fe67c.jpg

-31. Still haven’t gone to the golden arches in months.

 photo DSCF0868_zpsd165c6b5.jpg

-32. Yup, still on a roll.

 photo DSCF0874_zps433e5361.jpg

-33. I walked up some stairs to this car park in the city. Just wanted to know what the view was like up there. Wasn’t much really.

 photo DSCF0877_zps7e2cc153.jpg

-34. Cool burger logos.

 photo DSCF0879_zps88f5ecdd.jpg

-35. I’ve been watching them take this building apart since sometime last year.

 photo DSCF0880_zps5a2eca4c.jpg

-36. Waiting for SJ to finish work.

 photo DSCF0884_zpsa646ff7c.jpg

-37. Sock appreciation.

 photo DSCF0887_zps437570f5.jpg

-38. Had dinner at one of my favourite places in the world.

 photo DSCF0893_zps5ae645c4.jpg

-39. Pumpkin soup + Japanese beef curry.

 photo DSCF0897_zpsbddb51c0.jpg

-40. Brim CC, one of the best places in the world.

 photo DSCF0900_zps220a5d41.jpg

-41. Reflections.

 photo DSCF0903_zpsb336328e.jpg

-42. Pink.

 photo DSCF0901_zpse7471e5f.jpg


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