Melbourne Day 05:

-01. Supreme beanie, Warby Parker glasses, Bape tee and ski jacket, Carhartt chinos, New Balance 999.

 photo DSCF0958_zps8efccf5f.jpg

-02. Woke up in the morning and went to A Little Bird Told Me.

 photo DSCF0907_zps774da857.jpg

-03. Ordered up a flat white.

 photo DSCF0906_zps662ba52d.jpg

-04. And turned my Instagram friend, @mikecantype into a real life friend.

 photo DSCF0908_zps455eae94.jpg

-05. Then we headed to Krimper for another coffee and brunch.

 photo DSCF0909_zps5f0762f2.jpg

-06. Lovely.

 photo DSCF0910_zps5b597d53.jpg

-07. This definitely hit the spot and was a lot bigger than it looks here.

 photo DSCF0911_zpsd0b06cbc.jpg

-08. May have been caught gramming.

 photo DSCF0912_zps7bf91e3d.jpg

-09. Krimper is located in a big old ware house type room and everything from the brick walls to what looked like an elevator from the early 1900’s had an old worldly feel.

 photo DSCF0916_zpse305b9f7.jpg

-10. After all that food settled, we caught a train to a familiar location, Up There Store (South Melbourne).

 photo DSCF0933_zps164eca9a.jpg

-11. There’s quite a sale going on at the moment.

 photo DSCF0920_zps2c0d1c6f.jpg

-12. Then Ed AKA @tigerizm joined us, sporting some very eye catching Flyknits.

 photo DSCF0927_zps2f96bdcc.jpg

-13. Got another flat white at Clement round the corner at the South Melbourne Markets.

 photo DSCF0931_zps6f308ea7.jpg


-14. Some of the Losers artwork kicking about in the store.

 photo DSCF0936_zps347e2b97.jpg

-15. Boys.

 photo DSCF0938_zps9f96430b.jpg

-16. There was a lot of indigo happening.

 photo DSCF0941_zps8cbb61c3.jpg

-17. After sitting around for a bit, we caught a tram back into the city to grab another coffee at…

 photo DSCF0945_zpsc5eeeeec.jpg

-18. Brother Baba Budan.

 photo DSCF0950_zps4850a1df.jpg

-19. It was crazy packed inside the little cafe (as usual), so we got take away coffee and sat by the GPO.

 photo DSCF0952_zps565edd6c.jpg

-20. Mike got a customised cup.

 photo DSCF0953_zps88e0ce08.jpg

-21. Then I saw these animals walk past and tried to get a sneaky photo, but they caught me.

 photo DSCF0957_zpsded01bfd.jpg

-22. For dinner, Grace book the usual table for 10 at Gami on Little Lonsdale St. This was the ad for the new flavour they’re presenting at their new King St location.

 photo DSCF0964_zps0720228c.jpg

-23. I think this was sometime mid-dinner, we were probably laughing at a silly video.

 photo DSCF0967_zps569c6e20.jpg

-24. Bill Curran proves that one of our kegs is empty.

 photo DSCF0975_zps3b05c84e.jpg

-25. Never want to grow up.

 photo DSCF0984_zps0d314a75.jpg

-26. My happy self and Prash.

 photo DSCF0987_zps96025fca.jpg

-27. Jamela and myself. Artistic… Dark…

 photo DSCF0998_zps1cf12d8a.jpg

-28. We ended the night at The Rochester, a slightly unimpressive bar with many high school looking kids.

 photo DSCF1004_zps400931be.jpg


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