Melbourne Day 07:

-01. Muji scarf, Carhartt tee, Visvim Lhamo coat, Levis 501, Nike Lunar Force 1.

 photo DSCF1135_zps60d1e598.jpg

-02. Started the morning with a flat white at Manchester Press.

 photo DSCF1063_zps7b34f8fb.jpg

-03. Shortly after this pulled pork bagel showed up.

 photo DSCF1067_zpsb58c6885.jpg

-04. I was with these bunch of well dressed lads.

 photo DSCF1069_zpse5bf0395.jpg

-05. An astronaut watched over the diners at Manchester Press.

 photo DSCF1072_zps710ab57c.jpg

-06. Jason had to go to work so the rest of us headed towards the Queen Victoria Markets for this.

 photo DSCF1081_zps1e612cf1.jpg

-07. A clean flat white.

 photo DSCF1078_zps4d1c736b.jpg

-08. Ed and Mike.

 photo DSCF1080_zps231d0342.jpg

-09. It’s always busy at Market Lane Coffee.

 photo DSCF1082_zpsadf663fb.jpg

-10. Losers.

 photo DSCF1083_zpsc053eba6.jpg

-11. A hurt tree.

 photo DSCF1088_zpsc5172249.jpg

-12. A hurt tree pt.02.

 photo DSCF1089_zps0da4f032.jpg

-13. Walked over to Federation Square to check out Xu Hongfei’s public exhibition, “Chubby Women”.

 photo DSCF1091_zps3648fcc1.jpg

-14. I got Ed to model for me.

 photo DSCF1096_zpsbf933e61.jpg

-15. Behind me was a small whippet gathering.

 photo DSCF1093_zpse26c6ee2.jpg

-16. Went into the gallery and met a few other lads.

 photo DSCF1098_zpse5e7f0a8.jpg

-17. I like this one a lot.

 photo DSCF1100_zps31a91f4d.jpg

-18. Mike is appreciating some very modern looking Aboriginal art.

 photo DSCF1101_zps234288c4.jpg

-19. Went upstairs and we found ourselves at the Mix Tape 1980’s exhibition. I like the blue and black chair, although they’d all look nice at home displayed flat against a wall.

 photo DSCF1104_zps8ab265d1.jpg

-20. I like this one. It’s thoroughly depressing.

 photo DSCF1103_zps4075737e.jpg

-21. Birds.

 photo DSCF1105_zpsd4bad693.jpg

-22. A lot of concrete is nice.

 photo DSCF1107_zpse9bacf7a.jpg

-23. These are Mike’s customised Losers by Sneaker Wolf.

 photo DSCF1108_zpsc823a203.jpg

-24. Another flat white at Captains of industry.

 photo DSCF1109_zps6d132597.jpg

-25. Mike’s get-up was on point. Standard.

 photo DSCF1110_zps560f6495.jpg

-26. It’s Snowy! Not quite, but close enough. It’s not hard to guess where we were about to pop into next.

 photo DSCF1114_zps065f0216.jpg

-27. B B B.

 photo DSCF1115_zps05e6f36e.jpg

-28. #sneakersncoffee 

 photo DSCF1117_zpsf71a1c7d.jpg

-29. Indoor vine at BBB.

 photo DSCF1119_zpsf383c18a.jpg

-30. That mysterious Jason lad.

 photo DSCF1121_zps6fb9ed8e.jpg

-31. Head up to the Billboard car park to admire the view and take some photos.

 photo DSCF1127_zps79d99f6c.jpg

-32. Chinatown.

 photo DSCF1128_zpsaed689d1.jpg

-33. Looking right.

 photo DSCF1130_zpsd82bb514.jpg

-34. Looking left.

 photo DSCF1132_zpsbbef6823.jpg

-35. Rooftop stoopin’.

 photo DSCF1134_zps09a65f86.jpg


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