Melbourne Day 08:

-01. Mt. Rainier Design beanie, Warby Parker glasses, Bape tee and snow jacket, Levis 501, New Balance 999.

 photo DSCF1203_zps491a9c85.jpg

-02. Went to a place on Little Bourke Street called Knock Knock with SJ.

 photo DSCF1142_zps765a6732.jpg

-03. Inside the cafe from where we sat, outside.

 photo DSCF1144_zps0a161b2b.jpg

-04. I’m not sure I like my flat white in this cup.

 photo DSCF1145_zps12c19bb3.jpg

-05. I ordered up some baked eggs. The eggs were perfectly runny and I think I’m taking a liking to Dukkah spice.

 photo DSCF1148_zpsb3f48bd6.jpg


 photo DSCF1149_zps8a8aaf2d.jpg

-07. The Block Arcade.

 photo DSCF1151_zpsf5ac8f5e.jpg

-08. In between two very cool stores.

 photo DSCF1152_zps72c8023a.jpg

-09. Curtin House third floor.

 photo DSCF1153_zps3ec82c6d.jpg

-10. This majestic building. Home to a series of very nice shops. Has that NYC vibe.

 photo DSCF1159_zps33a0bc73.jpg

-11. That lane with all the graffiti and tourists.

 photo DSCF1163_zps88670368.jpg

-12. Xu Hongfei’s pug.

 photo DSCF1164_zpsa0ee0104.jpg

-13. Southbank.

 photo DSCF1167_zps863357da.jpg

-14. Looking towards Richmond/South Yarra.

 photo DSCF1170_zpsf3768689.jpg

-15. This shine caught my eye. The clouds were getting a little too dark for my liking.

 photo DSCF1172_zps2c1fbfb4.jpg

-16. As I was taking this shot, this lady stepped right in front of me. She was a part of a group of Chinese tourists.

 photo DSCF1176_zps4d58ab1b.jpg

-17. Some black and white action.

 photo DSCF1183_zps991501f4.jpg

-18. I sat under this thing for a little bit and people watched.

 photo DSCF1184_zps01b3d231.jpg

-19. Then I got bored and took a tram direct to Prahran and walked around some back streets. I discovered a series of small and cosy apartments.

 photo DSCF1187_zps59d62449.jpg

-20. Looking across at the Jam Factory.

 photo DSCF1189_zpsa4b0f2c3.jpg

-21. Clean. Sharp. Shiny.

 photo DSCF1194_zps02a30938.jpg

-22. Old tram home.

 photo DSCF1197_zps5c2ff921.jpg

I spent that night at the theatres watching Man of Steel. It was very good.


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