Melbourne Day 09:

-01. Mt. Rainier Design beanie, Mostcot shades, Telleson denim shirt, Uniqlo jacket, Bape tee, Uniqlo chinos and socks, Nike Lunar Force 1.

 photo DSCF1231_zpsa5eedb18.jpg

-02. Hit up Yellow Bird in the morning and did this.

 photo DSCF1212_zpsf75c7d88.jpg

-03. Then ate a Death Benedict.

 photo DSCF1204_zpsf020ccc4.jpg

-04. With my pal, Shank.

 photo DSCF1214_zps890f43d5.jpg

-05. Went for a walk to grab some items for some friends, then headed to Market Lane for this.

 photo DSCF1219_zps243ecc43.jpg

-06. Still with this guy.

 photo DSCF1215_zpse6d88aba.jpg

-07. Market Lane Coffee, Prahran.

 photo DSCF1216_zpsd13325f5.jpg

-08. Sneaker appreciation.

 photo DSCF1226_zps1e7aa8e8.jpg

-09. Did quite a bit more walking then found myself back at Yellow Bird with my friend, Josh (I forgot to get his portrait) drinking this.

 photo DSCF1227_zps203da69a.jpg

-10. Admiring my beanie and key chain.

 photo DSCF1228_zps0635d727.jpg

-11. Walked home to find this guy.

 photo DSCF1230_zps5b0e87f3.jpg

-12. Received some mail from Sydney from the extremely talented photographer Mitch Duncan.

 photo DSCF1235_zps11146f18.jpg

-13. Inez asked me to get her some child’s shoes. They’re called Jellies and everyone seems to want them.

 photo DSCF1236_zpsf1080bbc.jpg

-14. Something my friend Dylon asked me to find.

 photo DSCF1237_zps09724976.jpg

-15. In the evening I had dinner with this guy.

 photo DSCF1241_zps5f89f5eb.jpg

-16. My dish was called “Beef with flower egg on steamed rice”, one of my favourites at Dumpling Table.

 photo DSCF1243_zpsb38857ca.jpg


6 thoughts on “NO.1135

  1. benj

    Making me miss melbourne so much man! Love the travelog. So much ‘preme in these last few posts hahaha.


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