Melbourne Day 10:

For being late on this post because I’m having too good a time back in Melbourne, here is a special double edition first pic.

-01. Mt. Rainier Beanie, striped tee, Uniqlo jacket, Levis 501, New Balance 999. LJ – Ebbetsfield Flannels NY cap, Supreme hoodie, Carhartt jacket, Naked & Famous jeans, Bape Roadsta.

 photo DSCF1322_zpsd063eefb.jpg

-02. Started my day on a tram into the city.

 photo DSCF1254_zps3bbf5125.jpg

-03. Brim CC beef curry rice and meatball miso soup was the reason.

 photo DSCF1263_zpsdfbd56af.jpg

-04. I ate what’s in the above photo with this girl.

 photo DSCF1264_zps60c49079.jpg

-05. Then stopped by Kinfolk for a flat white before hopping on a tram to North Melbourne.

 photo DSCF1266_zpsb281557a.jpg

-06. Was greeted by this dog of the dark, Bones at Viva Hate.

 photo DSCF1281_zps159499f5.jpg

-07. The main reason was this guy though.

 photo DSCF1289_zps8f004681.jpg

-08. Bones again.

 photo DSCF1286_zps30c2d508.jpg

-09. Then we went to Auction Rooms for a coffee.

 photo DSCF1292_zpsd8723aa1.jpg

-10. With Erryn of course.

 photo DSCF1297_zpsb13d224e.jpg

-11. My camera wouldn’t let me take a decent portrait of her, but I kind of like the out of focus-ness.

 photo DSCF1303_zpsad22602d.jpg

-12. Back at Viva Hate making some decisions.

 photo DSCF1316_zpsa939d4ee.jpg

-13. Not long after, we found ourselves at the Acclaim Magazine office where this boss of a dog greeted us.

 photo DSCF1319_zpscc95f9db.jpg

-14. I said goodbye to Ben and headed home.

 photo DSCF1321_zps7d6cb3b8.jpg

-15. The rest of the night was spent eating $4 pizzas and beers with LJ, Mike and Bill. Caitlyn featured in this photo is also making us a couple of shots, on the house, like a boss.

 photo DSCF1335_zpsc8d56e27.jpg

-16. Time flies when you’re having fun.

 photo DSCF1349_zps97b2d10e.jpg


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