Melbourne Day 11:

-01. Ebbetsfield Flannels Minneapolis Millers cap, Warby Parker glasses, DBL STD tee, Bape Ski jacket, Carhartt pants, New Balance 999.

 photo DSCF1365_zpsb40ba839.jpg

-02. Started my day earlier than usual. Had a coffee at some cafe below SJ’s office.

 photo DSCF1356_zpse0c47740.jpg

-03. On the way to QV Markets, I spot a familiar looking camo sporting guy. It’s Jason shooting some new Converse First String products dropping today.

 photo DSCF1357_zps08870024.jpg

-04. After doing my business at the Markets, I stopped by MLC for a real cup of coffee.

 photo DSCF1359_zps9ac90719.jpg

-05. Look up #sneakersncoffee on Instagram.

 photo DSCF1360_zpsba3e9d26.jpg

-06. I spotted a Dr. Zaius stencil, nice!

 photo DSCF1369_zps0b2d4bd6.jpg

-07. While waiting for a table for brunch, we were seated outside where it was uncomfortably cold.

 photo DSCF1370_zpsc1e04302.jpg

-08. I think my brain might have frozen at this point.

 photo DSCF1371_zps9b688be1.jpg

-09. But finally, our table was ready and I found myself squashed up between mothers, prams and babies. But it was worth it.

 photo DSCF1375_zpsb6ca2e5f.jpg

-10. A flat white to begin.

 photo DSCF1381_zpse668556f.jpg

-11. Then this is what they call the BBB or Bikini Blowout Benedict. Perfection.

 photo DSCF1383_zps76c03a5d.jpg

-12. On the drive back down Chapel St, we saw a guy who had completely lost his marbles, staring blankly at the ground, mouth and eyes wide open. He’s the one in blue.

 photo DSCF1386_zps62910dde.jpg

-13. While waiting for LJ to decide if he wanted a Pendleton parka at Pierucci. Good store by the way.

 photo DSCF1388_zps9ddb4f86.jpg

-14. Later in the afternoon, a warm flat white kept me company at A Little Bird Told Me.

 photo DSCF1391_zps639e53a8.jpg

-15. Josh was there too and I got a photo of him this time!

 photo DSCF1393_zpsc0a58d87.jpg

-16. We walked up to No Vacancy to check out an exhibition of rabbits.

 photo DSCF1397_zpse2b8f4bb.jpg

-17. This one was both cute and creepy.

 photo DSCF1398_zps5fdc9574.jpg

-18. Origami rabbits.

 photo DSCF1399_zps62a4dd39.jpg

-19. I swear I used to draw these back in high school.

 photo DSCF1400_zpsc0673e6b.jpg

-20. Melbourne Central Station sucks.

 photo DSCF1401_zpscbcde946.jpg

-21. We had a very nice, pink sunset last night.

 photo DSCF1404_zps51976fc5.jpg

-22. It crept away really quickly though.

 photo DSCF1406_zpsca3bd2a7.jpg

-23. Around 6pm, I found myself at Public Bar/Crab Shack. This was what we ate, along with another two servings of Southern Fried Chicken.

 photo DSCF1407_zps948e1623.jpg

-24. The meal above was accompanied by this lovely couple.

 photo DSCF1408_zps64865354.jpg

-25. On the way home: Melbourne GPO.

 photo DSCF1416_zpsf12ea978.jpg

-26. Bourke Street mall downwards.

 photo DSCF1417_zpscbb76c53.jpg

-27. Bourke Street Mall upwards.

 photo DSCF1418_zps97bce04f.jpg


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