Melbourne Day 12:

-01. Warby Parker glasses, WTAPS tee, Uniqlo chinos, Aape socks, Nike Flyknit Racer.

 photo DSCF1449_zps63127329.jpg

-02. This Friday started off slower than usual, resulting in lunch as the first meal of the day.

 photo DSCF1454_zpsbb311d44.jpg

-03. I had the above sushi rolls with the chef, Quyen Nyugen. (check this)

 photo DSCF1455_zps725722f7.jpg

-04. He runs this shop, I used to have lunch here almost everyday when I was at school.

 photo DSCF1458_zpsea300134.jpg

-05. Multi-Coloured heat on the streets on Melbourne.

 photo DSCF1461_zps6af275b9.jpg

-06. Hardware Street, where I waited for my pal Keeden to finish work so we could catch up.

 photo DSCF1463_zpsaac0d3be.jpg

-07. This is where he works, it’s called SILO. They don’t have any waste, Google them.

 photo DSCF1469_zps6a4de6d0.jpg

-08. I was given a beer in a small jar at SILO.

 photo DSCF1466_zps07a5a023.jpg

-09. Then, I was given a larger pint of beer.

 photo DSCF1470_zpsda625de9.jpg

That’s all for today!



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