Melbourne Day 13:

-01. Another special edition: SJ is wearing a bunch of Australian branded items and as for myself – Warby Parker glasses, Mastermind x Curry Up tee, Levis 501, Nike Flyknit Racer.

 photo DSCF1544_zps8192dd47.jpg

-02. Started my morning with the standard “one flat white please.”

 photo DSCF1475_zps5086a5c6.jpg

-03. We love coffee.

 photo DSCF1485_zpsa8b0d76f.jpg

-04. Face – taken by SJ.

 photo DSCF1489_zpsa6bf6cdb.jpg

-05. Walking on lovely new kicks that is.

 photo DSCF1491_zpsa6f363b1.jpg

-06. Myself, showing respect to my old hood.

 photo DSCF1494_zps2b6edbff.jpg

-07. Met these guys on the way.

 photo DSCF1499_zps9e71fc9c.jpg

-08. At an old breakfast spot, Krakatoa with a flat white.

 photo DSCF1510_zps42ddb098.jpg

-09. Super Special Breakfast with my standard choice of scrambled eggs, hash browns and baked beans.

 photo DSCF1517_zpsee5b092b.jpg

-10. Think I saw that Dinosaur Jr. guy.

 photo DSCF1519_zpscd8fd88d.jpg

-11. Another place I like going to a lot, not necessarily to buy anything.

 photo DSCF1525_zps3b928a3c.jpg

-12. The toy shelf I hit up every time even though I already know what’s in it.

 photo DSCF1522_zpsa76d09f8.jpg

-13. Sometimes you find some great records here.

 photo DSCF1523_zps7676750e.jpg

-14. Outside, we saw this whippet.

 photo DSCF1527_zps5a72ee91.jpg

-15. The Mission, yup, a missionary cafe.

 photo DSCF1528_zps67154deb.jpg

-16. So I had a ginger beer.

 photo DSCF1531_zps10e514d9.jpg

-17. Hit up another favourite place of mine, Greville Records.

 photo DSCF1535_zps6aea688f.jpg

-18. He’s always got something good.

 photo DSCF1536_zps6b0369f0.jpg

-19. I wish I could have bought myself another pair… these are for my pal Bunga Blossoming in KL.

 photo DSCF1538_zpse8705d2c.jpg

-20. The situation at home when it get cold.

 photo DSCF1542_zpsfeb739af.jpg

-21. My friend Prash had a house party and a bunch of my pals hit the decks.

 photo DSCF1547_zps8e97e119.jpg

-22. It was a good house party, you can see Nate on the right in a red striped spandex.

 photo DSCF1546_zpsc0579ef3.jpg

-23. Homeboy LJ decided to get behind the decks to twist a few knobs and slide a few faders too.

 photo DSCF1551_zps9107fa30.jpg

A fantastic last night in Melbourne.



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